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Jack McGourty

Director of Community and Global Entrepreneurship
Columbia Business School

哥倫比亞大學商學院 全職教授
哥倫比亞商學院和社區及全球創業中心 主任

研究重點為企業創新和科技管理。曾任哥倫比亞大學工程和應用科學學院副院長。建立哥倫比亞大學關於企業家精神的一套核心課程。 2009 年,創建由美國聯邦政府資助的哥倫比亞大學哈萊姆(Columbia University-Harlem)企業發展中心,提供技術及支持給當地的企業家。

Daniel McQuade

Instructor and Advisor
Lecturer in the Discipline of Digital Marketing
Columbia Business School

Due to his strength in marketing and business development, Daniel has founded companies that have been thought leaders and pioneers in developing change in old industries such as the first to market a nationally branded and certified Natural Light Beef Company, founded a for-profit supermarket cooperative company, and led a seafood start-up to become the largest processor of its type in the US in seven years.

Throughout the course of his career, Daniel has worked with and volunteered at many non-profit organizations in capacities ranging from being a founder, president, executive board member and trustee along with providing over $5M in grants to a wide range of non-profits institutions focusing on education, and health and wellness programs.

Daniel has been a noted speaker and marketing counselor for the Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center and continues to present workshops on marketing and branding to new business entrepreneurs and expanding small business ventures at Columbia Business School.

Jennifer Casasanto

Former Director for Education and Research

Ms. Casasanto has been named the Associate Dean for Programs and Planning in the School of Engineering at Brown University. Before moving to Brown University, Ms. Casasanto was at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where she was the Director for Education and Research. Prior to that, she has experience working as a project manager in private industry.
In over a decade at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard, Ms. Casasanto has had a wealth of experience across many areas, including industry outreach and research planning, fundraising, administrative leadership and planning, educational program development, and space planning. She has also served as a member of the SEAS senior management team.
Ms. Casasanto holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, and is finalizing a master’s degree in liberal arts in the history of science from the Harvard Extension School.

Fawwaz Habbal

Executive Dean for Education and Research

Dr. Fawwaz Habbal has served as the Executive Dean for the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) from 2007 to present. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Applied Physics.
Dr. Habbal joined Harvard in 2001, as Associate Dean for Research and Planning, at the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Prior to Harvard, he held the position as Corporate Vice President, responsible for research and product design at Polaroid Corporation where he served as a Senior Research and Engineering Fellow as well. At Polaroid he was responsible for product delivery of many advanced products including magnetic storage, medical imaging, graphic arts, digital imaging, and consumer film and hardware. After leaving this position he initiated two start-ups related to imaging.
Dr. Habbal’s research interests focus on superconductivity, magnetic materials, silicon nanowires for photon detection and nano-photonics more broadly. He conducted research in the area of digital imaging and CMOS sensors. As a senior lecturer he has taught courses on nanoscience, bionano, and MEMS. Dr. Habbal holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics.

Anas Chalah


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